About the MRMPO

About the MRMPO

The Middle Rogue Metropolitan Planning Organization (MRMPO) is a transportation policy-making organization composed of representatives from local governments and transportation authorities. The MRMPO includes the cities of Gold Hill, Grants Pass, Rogue River, and adjacent parts of Josephine and Jackson Counties that are anticipated to become urbanized over the next 20 years. Its primary focus is to support local and regional problem solving.

The MPO Policy Committee, the organization’s decision-making board, consists of elected officials from the member cities, Josephine and Jackson Counties, and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). The MRMPO is staffed by the Rogue Valley Council of Governments, a voluntary association of 24 local jurisdictions, special districts, and education institutions in southwestern Oregon’s Jackson and Josephine Counties. Its primary focus is to support local and regional problem solving.

MRMPO Planning Area

What are MPOs??

Urbanized areas with 50,000 or more people are required by the Federal Transportation Act to set up a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) that coordinates a continuing, comprehensive, and cooperative (“3C”) regional transportation planning process. The State of Oregon defines an MPO as “the organization designated by the Governor to coordinate transportation planning in an urbanized area of the state.”

MPO’s develop long-range regional transportation plans (RTP) which addresses the area’s projects, programs, and policies for the next twenty years. They also maintain the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which is a short-range document listing regional transportation projects.

What does the MRMPO do?

The MRMPO coordinates three major tasks to meet federal requirements

Middle Rogue Regional Transportation Plan

Addresses the region’s projects, programs and policies for the next 20 years

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The short-range, biennial 4-year program for highway and transit improvements to be built

Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

The comprehensive one-year planning program that describes and coordinates the individual transportation planning activities of member agencies

Plus, there are many other things the MPO does to facilitate transportation planning for the Middle Rogue region. Click the link above to explore the other plans and projects that the MRMPO employs to address the transportation needs of a growing region

Physical Address:
155 North 1st Street

Central Point, OR 97502

Mailing Address:
PO Box 3275

Central Point, OR 97502

Phone: 541-664-6674

Email: mrmpo@rvcog.org

Staff List

Karl Welzenbach
Planning Program Coordinator

Ryan Nolan
Principal Planner

Ryan MacLaren

Senior Planner

Erik Memmott
Associate Transportation Planner

Kelsey Sharp
Office Specialist | General Contact